The ABC’s of Recognizing the Bully Boss

A is for Always attacking the Target, relentless, harassment. Generally there is one target per location or work site where the bully works. This target catches hell from the time they enter the office until they leave. It can start with something as simple as nit picking your work, to going so far as to intentionally make small mistakes on your paycheck or big ones.  The Modus Operandi of the Bully is for the bullying to be continuous so as to wear you down, stress you out, and hopefully cause you to quit.

B is for the bullying behavior which starts to precede the bully ever entering the room. If the bully has been around awhile, everyone knows the bullies’ methods of harassing and trust me they do not want to be the one to be the next target. Therefore, the new person may be thrown under the bus of the bully in order for others to save their own hide. Be careful in whom you confide if you are doing anything which could be embellished or exaggerated by your enemies.

C is for the callousness the bully has while tormenting the target. After causing the target to become ill, there will be no compassion nor empathy from the bully. The bully is cold, and lacks empathy or the capacity for empathy. The bully is a great impostor however, and can pretend to be empathetic, caring, or whatever they need to be in order to win the confidence of others, especially their target.

Of course there are many more letters and many more skills in the bullies knapsack of tools used to torment. But these will give you a quick and handy reminder when you are wondering if you have just encountered a bully!


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