Do Organizational Leaders Have Responsibility to Workers during the Nation’s Economic Crisis?

Before responding to this question, let’s think about times in the past when worker’s have been asked by employers to give more of themselves during the organization’s crisis of any nature.

 Several examples come to mind most recently when employees have been asked to work longer hours for the same pay (i.e. teachers, nurses, state workers).

 And, during natural disasters aren’t civil servants (i.e. firemen, policemen, doctors, nurses) asked to give a bit more of their time, sacrifice their personal off duty time?

 But, notwithstanding all of the above, haven’t you witnessed on an ordinary day, ordinary workers giving extra time, effort, out of pride and admiration for their job, organization or leadership? I have witnessed this frequently in the County of Los Angeles, as well as in the non-profit sector. And, many times this behavior went unrecognized, unrewarded, but the workers continued to perform the same nonetheless.

 So, now I ask this question with the above information as context: Do Organizational Leaders Have Responsibility to Workers during the Nation’s Economic Crisis? My response is a resounding “YES!”  And, even if it is for self-serving interests, they should do this.  And, the reason is because it will affect the organization’s bottom line one way or another.

 It’s Basic Psychology 101 to respond to those who are crisis helps them to better function and overcome the deleterious affects of the trauma or crisis. Failure to do so will affect the person’s productivity either by increased absences, poor performance, increased health issues, poor attitude, etc.

 Many workers today are impacted by the unrelenting economic devastation this country has withstood since 2009. And, though rarely discussed it is taking a toll on families, relationships, psychological and physical health.

 Organizations CAN make a difference by showing employees they do care, authentically about the well-being of their workers and the reward will be returned double or triple fold.


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