They Set the World’s Economy on Fire, Now they Watch it Burn!

They (#TBTF) SET the Economy on FIRE, THEN let it BURN!

There is a consensus and very few if any would disagree, that the Economy suffered globally due to International Big Banks and their chicanery via creative investment vehicles. Foremost and most notorious of those vile investments – MBS (mortgage backed securities) spawned from the predatory lenders and Wall Street, sleeping together so-to-speak.

From the Loins of Predatory Lenders, artificially manufactured product of the ethically debased relationship between Too Big to Fail Banks and Wall Street, came The Securitization of Mortgages and Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV). The lure to investors were investments which would be bankruptcy remote and at the same time tax exempt. The lure to the Big Banks? More Money in More Ways than Anyone could ever fathom.

The Big Banks had every possible way money could be made covered! If homeowners went into foreclosure they got paid in ten different ways or more; if they didn’t go into foreclosure they still got paid. There was not one insurance policy
But sometimes as many as 20 insurance policies on one home!

But, the real kicker is that the mortgage servicers masqueraded as the owners and no one thought that it was important to let the homeowner know who actually owned their home!

Then the avalanche of foreclosures began. Homeowners started asking for relief from these predatory loans through loan modifications. Instead of being given offers to ameliorate their financial woes, they were sent on what amounted to “scavenger hunts” combined with a series of “mother may I” fruitless hurdles. When after months of desperation their pleas for relief went no where, they would be told “only the investors can approve” of any changes in your mortgage, the cat was out of the bag. Suddenly people started asking, “Can I talk to the owners of my mortgage?” And, they were shocked to be told, “The investors do not talk to homeowners”. And, then is when most folks learned that the gorilla at the door knocking and hounding them for late payments was none other than BILL COLLECTORS, and not owners of their mortgage!

After several years of millions of homeowners loosing their homes through foreclosure, the economic domino effect was predictable. First, millions loose their homes, then loss of jobs and small business extinctions, and the US economy as well as the European economy due to the globalization of our economy.

Watching America and other countries’ economies burn to the ground have not deterred the Money Starved Junkies from continuing the pillaging of the world via the working people of the world. Today, there is virtually no one anywhere of working classes not suffering immeasurably from the rape and pillaging of the Too Big To Fail Banks and Wall Street.

Yet, somehow despite the hundreds of thousands of lawsuits filed across the globe against these fraudsters, for every violation imaginable few if ANY have been arrested of those responsible for this economic holocaust.

There is not one morally or ethically based criminal out of the ranks of the Too Big To Fail. Had their been at least one at the top in power to say “No More!” It could have been minimized; but as it stands the blight continues and earth continues to be desecrated by the mere existence of their footsteps on American Soil.

Onward to the Battlefield, or Court houses

There are battles being fought to counter these monsters. One fight being waged is in the courtrooms across this country against lenders or pretender lenders by homeowners who have been or are in danger of being foreclosed. Some have won their battles with their criminal servicers, but many more have lost.

The key to winning the “beat down” of the banks in foreclosure is the “strategy”; The Jedi of fighting foreclosures, Attorney Norman Sirak, has a “secret weapon” that is legal, and lethal to the dragons of foreclosure! Norman services clients in most states. He can be reached at


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