Fighting Foreclosure Offensively

“CRACKING  THE  CODE”  ON Fighting Foreclosure



The Global Financial Crisis was heavily influenced if not intentionally instigated by the Too Big To Fail Banks and Wall Street via Securitized Mortgages.  Most people did not understand what the terms, Securitization, derivatives, Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS),  or Credit Default Swaps (CDS) meant nor how it involved them as homeowners.


I will not go into a seminar on these terms, what they did to our economy nor who the major players are. You can find all of that information from many sources on the internet (I will list them).


More important is the following information if you are in jeopardy of loosing your home in the near future or fear you could possibly due to unemployment, health, etc.

If you find your mortgage payments have or may increase to an amount you will eventually not be able to pay, then you too should know this information.


This initial posting is ONLY to GIVE immediate information necessary for those who may be in imminent danger of loosing their home. More information in updates will be posted to give deeper understanding of this entire Foreclosure nightmare.


First, do not wait until after your home has been sold to wake up and fight. Start today seeking solutions, information, research. There ARE things that can be done, but few will be able to help you if you wait until the twelfth hour.


Second, go to your county recorder’s office, they will assist you in getting your documents on your home. Print these out and ask for certified copies. Make copies of these documents for future use if necessary for exhibits in court.


Third, go home and read your documents. Look at them and see if you have MERS on any of your documents. Look for any information regarding who was the Lender, Trustee, etc. This is information you need to know about your home.


Fourth, Before you hire anyone to help you with your possible lawsuit should you need to file one, know that this individual should be:


  • Knowledgeable in securitization
  • Have verifiable client success
  • Have reasonable fees
  • Not charge a retainer for undisclosed work
  • Not force you into a BK as the ONLY avenue to protect your home
  • Have a verifiable professional background
  • Have a strategy for your case after reviewing your documents


Attorney Norman Sirak has met all of the above qualifications and has done what no one I have found has done.  He keeps it simple, understandable and defensible.  When filing your complaint, if it contains all the fraud these criminals have done, it will probably lose the case for you.


Yes, there is Fraud probably on your mortgage, TILA violations, Forgery, etc. But, will those be the key to open the door to you surviving a Motion for Dismissal? Not necessarily.


Attorney Norman Sirak has “cracked the code” to Defending Foreclosures! How? He has found the Legal “Key” that opens the door for homeowners to back the  “pretender lender” into a corner where they cannot get out!


I interviewed Attorney Sirak and found his strategy was nothing like any of the strategies I have so far found in my research. It was really quite simple in concept but complex in application to the LAWS required by the Courts.


If you are considering defending your home it is best to do it from the offensive position as opposed to the defensive, where the Lender comes after you. And, you never want to start with an attorney then have to change midstream to have another attorney clean up the mess. No one likes going behind someone else’s mistakes, especially attorneys and dressmakers! It makes the job twice as hard.


My suggestion as a NON-ATTORNEY is that you take time to think about your situation, and make note of the latest date you can afford to make a decision on what you will do. Do not wait until you have few alternatives and are in a rush to hire someone. This is how so many people loose thousands of dollars AND still loose their homes. Don’t be caught due to procrastination, the Lenders will love for you to give your house to them!


Please feel free to contact me for more information or follow this blog for updates on “Cracking the Code” on Fighting Foreclosure.



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2 Responses to “Fighting Foreclosure Offensively”

  1. Kathy Says:

    You are one of o kind.
    Thank you for all of the info.
    Thank YOU.
    May God bless you.

  2. Lisa Nicholson Says:

    How can I reach you for more information?

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