Injured While Bullied At Work

Everyday employees are physically injured at work. Most injured workers do not hesitate to file a worker’s compensation claim for their physically related work injuries. So, why the absence of filing for worker’s compensation when the injury is related to the emotional, psychological or mental well being of the employee? Are these injuries any less damaging to the individual? Does the individual have to take off work? Take medication, or see a doctor? Usually the response is “yes”.

Hundreds of employees enter the workplace each and every day to face a bully boss screaming, undermining, intimidating or berating them in front of co-workers or in isolation. Often this behavior goes on for months or even years before the employee complains or seeks medical attention. Sure, the employee may finally complain to HR regarding the harassment and an investigation may or may not take place. The result of that investigation is rarely in favor of the employee. But, even if the investigation is in favor of the employee what happens to the injured worker’s health treatment?

Any worker injured psychologically, physically, or mentally by a bully boss’ continued harassment/intimidation should seek medical attention and document what has occurred. Failure to take care of the psychological health as well as physical health can result in long term health issues, including but not limited to the following: depression, hypertension, panic attacks, post traumatic syndrome, ulcers, angina, etc.

Every employer must protect their employees’ from work related injuries by making sure that they are insured for such injuries. Worker’s compensation claim forms are available on your state’s website or from your employer.


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