Injured at Work? Your one stop Resource Center

This article is very short but packed full to the brim of the information which is vital to your survival in the workplace. Other resources will continue to follow in coming articles.  But, when they do they too will be short and packed full of the resources which I have found helpful.

You must know that unlike most who write about what to do, I have been there, and still am surviving a workplace bully and a mob. So, I will share my experiences and my triumphs and defeats.  So, without further ado, here they are:

Targets of bully bosses want to know how this target avoided the bully firing her and walked away with settlement: Pod Cast #12

Chapter Nine entitled Fightback gives Targets of bully bosses survival and protection guide:

Psychological injury at work is just as much an injury as is a physical injury, but you need to


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