Workplace No Place for Bully Bosses

Every day workers leave home to what they  hope will be a productive and ordinary day. Yet, many, too many know before they leave home what their day will entail with dread.  These workers who are commonly called Targets, know that when they get to work they will have to deal with the tactics of the workplace bully boss.  The tactics included any of the following and many more: harassment, micro managing, consistent criticisms, name calling, singling out, demanding emails, defamation of character, spreading of rumors, isolation, etc.

What makes this treatment so onerous, is that it causes psychological trauma, which then can go on to cause physical illness.  No worker should have to endure this type of treatment for one day or one month; yet many targets endure this treatment for months and even years.

Other types of maltreatment include tactics which include the antics of HR, who are often called in to incorporate measures only HR can use to harass.  An example is when a worker requested an accommodation meeting.  Instead of the meeting being held to discuss what type of accommodation the worker was requesting, the HR rep, held her own meeting with a different agenda and had her two bully bosses there.  The worker had been the one to call the meeting and yet the HR rep had turned it into HER meeting.  To the worker’s shock, the HR simply notified the worker that from that day  until further notice the worker would be home on medical leave based on the interpretation of the worker’s doctor’s letter.  In disbelief the worker stated that was not so but the HR rep was not hearing this.  So, off to home the worker went.

Needless to say, the HR rep was incorrect in doing this and was probably forced to do it by the bully bosses who sat there not as witnesses but as enforcers to make sure the HR did their bidding.  Now, common sense would tell most of us that if a worker brings in a doctor’s note and is asking for an accommodation, the doctor would not have written the letter if it was saying the worker could not do the job while asking for an accommodation. That would not be logical. And, if the doctor did do such a bizarre thing, the worker requesting the accommodation would not bring such a letter to the attention of the HR.  Am I missing something, or is HR just that arrogant that they assume workers are that unintelligent?  Okay, so the HR rep was used and made to look very stupid as the worker had to be returned to work after having two days off work, with pay.

Who looses here? The worker? The bully boss? No. The organization looses several ways by marring their credibility for fairness and honesty (HR deliberately lured and then tricked the worker into believing the meeting for accommodations was taking place and it did not), and the organization ends up paying for two days vacation for the worker.

When will organizations start adding up the costs of  how the bully  boss draws everyone in to their web of deceit?  And, when will Risk Managers realize that one of their biggest hazards in the workplace is bully bosses who cost the organization lawsuits, increased insurance premiums, retention, and decreased production not to mention low morale among workers?


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