Why Targets Must File Complaints Early

You know if you are a target of a workplace bully boss. And, knowing that you also need to know the importance of letting someone else higher up on the chain of command, know also.  Failure to tell someone higher up early in this process leaves you at the mercy of the bully boss.  If you have not filed a formal complaint (even tho HR will do nothing) then if your boss does anything to you such as give you a bad evaluation and THEN you complain, it will look as though you are just complaining because of what your boss did and not because this bad treatment had been going on for some time.  Protect yourself and tell someone formally and document who, what, when, and where.  Now, some workers sadly believe that by not complaining they are endearing themselves to HR and to the organization; nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, what you are doing is showing them how ignorant you are of the laws and employee rights. Get Smart and Get information to protect yourself; don’t be a sitting duck!


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2 Responses to “Why Targets Must File Complaints Early”

  1. Felix Nater, CSC Says:

    Having this type of advice helps victims overcome the fear of isolation which often causes reluctance to come forward and fear of retaliation. The Bully relies on silence as his or her primary weapon. If the corporate culture disdains this behavior the response can be measured. Doing nothing is what empowers the Bully to continue. This is better advice than doing nothing out of fear.

  2. More Good Stuff From “Marilyn’s Workplace Blog” « Stop Workplace Bullies…Now! Says:

    […] subject at hand.  Borrowing once again from the blog of Marilyn Veincentotzs, today we have Why Targets Must File Complaints Early. Categories: General, Re-Blog Comments (0) Trackbacks (0) Leave a comment […]

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