Workers Know Your Rights!

Know Your Rights in the Workplace: Resources

People in general are very honest, and expect that others will be as well, especially in the workplace.  I  often speak of “cognitive dissonance”.  This is a term that mostly psychologists use to mean a discrepancy or disparity between what you are experiencing and what you know should be true or have known in the past to be true. So, you for example know that your boss has tried to do things that are harmful to you but yet when you see him/her they are smiling and reaching out their arms to embrace you.  That is cognitive dissonance. Your mind is asking “What is wrong with this picture?”  The other type of cognitive dissonance is when you meet HR personnel greeting you for your first day at your new job and when you meet HR personnel handing you your last paycheck; same person but two different situations which are in direct contrast, causing your brain to say “what is wrong with this picture?”

Perhaps the inconsistencies between good and bad experiences with bosses, and HR are what cause employees to become paralyzed and stunned when they are being attacked or harassed by a bully boss; the employee appears to forget everything they ever heard in their first day orientation regarding “worker’s rights, harassment policy, filing a complaint, ADA, etc.”  And, the amnesia is very selective, forgetting all the things that every employee has a right to use to protect them in the workplace.  So here is a refresher.

Here are a few links to websites you need to re-familiarize yourself with when undergoing harassment in the workplace.

If you are like me and most other workers, you felt that HR would be the first place to get the answers you need, right?  Well, HR is there for you to file your complaint and that is the rule of thumb for most organizations, requiring you to follow the chain of command: first your boss or your boss’ boss, then the next up the chain until you are sent to HR to file a formal complaint. However, somewhere in the process, hopefully, sooner than later, you have consulted with a labor law attorney.


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One Response to “Workers Know Your Rights!”

  1. Pam Says:

    My boss called me into his office today. There has been some complaints about me in the facility. I have carpatunnel and tennis elbow on the same arm. They told him that I can not do my job. Which I work in a nursing home where the resident come first to me and I do not feel as if I should have to rush the resident because other people think they do not have to come and help out other wings when they are through with their work. I will admit that I am slow but I do not want to rush someone and have them fall.

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