Who is the Baddest Bully Boss: Males or Females?

This is an excerpt from the Hot New Release on Amazon.com: How Organizations Empower Bully Bosses by Marilyn E. Veincentotzs: A Criminal in the Workplace: link to book: http://bit.ly/8RUTJ

My Bully Bosses have ALL been females. They all had serious personality issues and seemed to have miserable personal lives. I will not do as some have and disparage women as being THE worse bully in the workplace. There are too many variables to consider and it is not reasonable nor ethical to make a general statement as a fact that is not supported by the data.

The question should be what does it matter if 30% of the workers say females are more often bully bosses or if 70% say females are more often the bully? This question takes us all off course from what should be the main issue: How the targets are damaged and how are they being helped? And, why do organizations keep bully bosses who are costly to both the individual worker and the organization?


· Bully Bosses can be psychopaths: without conscience, compassion, or integrity
· Bully Bosses can drive workers to leave the workplace
· Bully Bosses can cause workers to become injured due to psychological harassment
· Bully Bosses have caused injured workers to suffer immeasurably and sometimes permanently, even driven them to commit suicide
· Bully Bosses rarely stop chasing or hunting their target down; until they have gotten rid of them or made them so ill they cannot work.


· Targets are receiving NO SUPPORT from their organizations EXCEPT in very rare cases.
· Targets who do file a formal complaint with their organizations receive a kangaroo court of the bully bosses friends, co-workers and pawns of the bully.
· Targets who are injured and file worker compensation claims are attacked again by the WC system which takes them through sometimes humiliating and grueling interviews lasting for as long as 2 hours in an effort to glean as much information as possible from the target.
· Once the target complains they can expect increased harassment, torture, and humiliation via every means at the disposal of the bully boss including, disruption of any peace and comfort in their work space, added duties, unwarranted criticism, etc.


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