Bully Bosses Drain $$Organizations

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Whether it is the high cost of employee turnover and employee replacement or the high cost of insurance premiums, the Organization pays, pays, pays.  The long term effects of bullying were shown in Great Britain (Hoel & Cooper, 2000a) where it was found that those respondents who were being bullied had the worst mental and physical health, the highest sickness absenteeism and intention to leave rates, the lowest productivity and organizational commitment.  The group second most affected were those who had been bullied in the past and then those who had witnessed bullying in the past were third most affected.  The criminal bully boss on the other hand, continues to inflict pain and suffering upon any target the bully chooses.

The following figures on the costs incurred by organizations are based on a large number of reliable studies from population samples of the U.S., Europe and Australia:Stress   accounts for approximately 30% of all work related illness annually.Work related ill-health and accidents:

US National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) figures (Sauter, Murphy, Hurrell,1990) $22 billion for mental illness due to loss of employment/drop in productivity, (6.6 billion annually).  These are low figures even for that time period.  Physical assaults at work are hard to estimate due to under reporting and failure to file for worker’s compensation (Standing & Nicolini, 1997).

The amount of days at work lost due to bullying is taken from the UK but could apply to other countries as well (Hoel, Sparks, & Cooper, 1997).  These figures are expected to have increased dramatically by this year, 2009:  Approximately 15% of employees were affected by bullying in 1999, and there were 27 million working days per year lost due to bullying.  The average cost of absenteeism due to bullying is estimated to be 1.5 billion dollars a year.  Approximately 25% of those bullied decide to leave their  organizations.  The total cost to the organizations including sickness absenteeism, replacement costs, and loss in productivity comes to a grand total of 1.880 billion dollars.  Again these are very low figures even for the time these surveys and research were taken.


“Psychologist Michael H. Harrison, Ph.D., of Harrison Psychological Associates, quotes a recent survey of 9,000 federal employees indicating that 42 percent of female and 15 percent of male employees reported being harassed within a two-year period, resulting in a cost of more than $180 million in lost time and productivity. (American City Business Journals Inc.).

Organizations which can afford to ignore the costs of turnover are rare to find.  The following information details the actual costs of replacing an employee. Bully bosses are the reasons why many employees leave their organization and why organizations should weigh the advantages and disadvantages of empowering bully bosses by retaining them and loosing good employees.


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